About Us

We are committed to assist business owners and managers to increase profits by bringing out the best in their Hispanic employees through motivational and leadership training programs and individual coaching.



Effective Supervisor Online Training in Spanish with subtitles in English will help you to develop more responsible, efficient, respectful, and profitable Hispanic leaders, who will learn to lead their team to reach the goals in an effective manner, without errors, whether the supervisor is present or not.

Supervisor Eficaz is affordable, practical, flexible and has shown to have a positive impact on the bottom line of our clients, with a great Return on Investment.

Online training for supervisors in Spanish and now with subtitles in English ensures better understanding and better performance!



To teach Spanish speaking supervisors and managers to lead teams more efficiently, to help their companies maximize resources to increase profits by reducing product waste, errors, turnover, and potential lawsuits.

Also, to free up time of owners, managers and HR personnel dealing with problems cause by NOT well-trained supervisors, to pursue more profitable projects.